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Alcoholics Anonymous

AA or Alcoholics Anonymous is a kind of organization created by the people for the people who have problems that are alcohol related. The inspiration of Alcoholics Anonymous is rooted on the disease model of alcoholism. This disease model of alcoholism views alcohol addiction as a disease that causes an alcohol addict to lose all power when he starts drinking any types of alcohol. This will involve that refraining from taking alcohol is the only technique to control alcohol addiction. There are twelve steps that Alcoholics Anonymous must undergo in order for them to get better. The admitting that they are alcoholic and they are incapable in controlling alcohol effects is the first step of these twelve steps. Getting aid from a higher creature, admitting to their flaw, and to ask over for forgiveness are what Alcoholics Anonymous promote their members to go after. Complete abstinence will always be the goal for Alcoholics Anonymous members.

There is a constant offering of support be it moral or social in every members of Alcoholics Anonymous. This makes them existing for each other in times of disaster. There is an belief of devotions to Alcoholics Anonymous’ fellow group members. Alcoholics Anonymous members believes that people can never be fully healed from the dangers of alcoholism. People always have the possibility to get back into getting dependent with alcohol even in just one drink. “Recovering alcoholics” is the term they give to people who has gotten into alcohol addiction. The meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous members usually comes with testimonial about the road of being an alcohol dependent. To be able to stay away from alcohol is the primary motivation for these testimonials.

Like anything else, the appeal of the values of Alcoholics Anonymous is not always present. Alcoholics Anonymous’ philosophies and practices do not really suits everyone. Of having no power, of needing of a higher power, and a total abstinence makes people to stay away from Alcoholics Anonymous. All throughout their lives, the subscription of people to the rules and laws of Alcoholics Anonymous is very difficult to maintain especially the part of complete abstinence from alcohol. However, Alcoholics Anonymous still remain to be one of the most regular sources of treatment for people who are alcohol dependent. Alcoholics Anonymous still has the credit in owning the effective and successful techniques.

There are about 23, 000 chapters of Alcoholics Anonymous all over the world. It has been estimated that there are approximately 800,000 people that do go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. It has been found out from the evaluation of the twelve steps program of Alcoholics Anonymous that it is effectively the same as using behavioral treatments and cognitive treatments in treating alcohol addiction.

In the sector of self-help groups, Alcoholics Anonymous has been the pioneering association. Confidently, it has lead to the making of Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and Potsmokers Anonymous. They have been formed to help people with dependencies on other substances aside from alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous is quite focus on religion. It is a fact that there are numerous alcohol dependents and alcohol abusers who do not consider the reality of God. With the cause of incompatibility of some beliefs, other self help organizations have been created. These self help organizations do not have any divine focus. As an alternative, they use cognitive and behavioral principles in helping an individual recover. Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART), Moderation Management (MM),and Secular organizations for Sobriety/Save Ourselves (SOS are some examples of these types of self help groups.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a self help group that helps anyone who wants to recover from alcohol addiction.

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