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Drug Abuse and HIV

There exists a primary relationship between substance abuse and HIV. Swapping needles in substance use raises, substantially, the chance for having Human immunodeficiency virus. HIV is not only caught via unprotected sexual activity, it can be distributed by way of bodily fluids such as the exchange that takes place while needles are shared.

By far the most commonly used drug related to HIV is heroin. Users regularly utilize the drug via intravenous means, this means they normally use needles to get the drug into their system by administered it into their veins. If these needles are shared, a range of things can often be distributed, including HIV.

Numerous heroin users inject heroin with others, which in turn play a role in how often of needles becoming shared. This is why a number of neighborhood programs provide users with fresh needles-to lessen the spread of HIV. The most effective group program to utilize, even so, is really a rehabilitation or perhaps treatment program to get away from heroin and onto rehabilitation from heroin addiction.

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