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Eminem Recovered

Often called Marshall Mathers, Eminem does much to help bring the Hip-Hop as well as RNB music scenes to the headlines in the last decade. Although he’s had these kinds of tunes as “The Real Slim Shady” in addition to “Lose Yourself”, Eminem in addition has endured a long-term struggle with abusing drugs.

His fight with addiction was buried for a long time from the public. However many people knew of his struggles with his spouse back then, Kim Mathers and indeed being alienated from his mother, his secret struggle and suffering remained undetectable.

It wasn’t right until he slipped from the focus and entered treatment that the entire world grew to become aware of what the popular music sensation had been going through. In 2010, Eminem re-emerged on top of the music scene, stronger than in the past and thoroughly devoted to his sobriety. Certainly one of his first hits back was collaboration with RNB superstar Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie”.

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