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Is Oxycontin Abuse better than Heroin Addiction?

I have a query which will hopefully help me solve a severe dilemma of mine. The question: is oxycontin abuse better than heroin addiction? The problem: I have got an oxycontin abuse condition and I feel horrible about it. You see, I suffer from this really bad back problem. All my muscles will randomly tighten up and not permit me to move. I may end up being immobile as well as in agnony while I only lie wherever I am, it’s truly terrible. The doctor’s think I have got some category of weird muscle impulse condition that I cannot even spell. They determined that I required physical therapy that may help me work out any issue and be capable to go on. However, I require a way in order to deal with this soreness in the mean time. So, he prescriped me those oxyconton pills. I simply suppose to have one every morning to keep all the discomfort at bay, however that does more than take this pain away. It can make me come to feel so wonderful, almost like now i am floating.

When I first felt it, I was actually amazed. I determined to carry more than a single tablet one time and began to notice that this the oxycontin supplied me this great high. So, I began abusing my oxycontin prescription. I started having numerous pills a day to experience this high and that is just what I am still doing today. I know, you are probably wondering how I replenish on the medications since I most likely run out of them more than I should be considering that i am abusing the quanity of pills. Well, I have determined a way to forge my doctor’s prescription and in addition the drug store hasn’t been carrying out a good job of keeping track of me. I assume they undoubtedly have confidence in my physician to know just what he is doing as well as just how much he is really giving me.

Anyway,Anyway, I realize that Oxycontin is a substance from the opiate family. I observed that a large amount of individuals that are unable to get their hands on Oxycontin since these people cannot get a new prescription or due to the fact they aren’t able to find the money for a new one who have already been making use of that prior to this turn to heroin as the replacement. Heroin is the worst drug throughout our world, but it comes without difficulty and cheap on the street. So, currently there are a large amount of folks with Oxycontin problems, like me, that switch to heroin for a lot of the very same results that oxycontin produces. I’m apprehensive regarding it happening to me personally and i am wondering if my usage of this specific abuse problem makes me personally as severe as a heroin abuser as they are related. Is oxycontin misuse more desirable than heroin addiction?

I assume what I truly need to carry out is proceed to rehab pertaining to opiate dependency in general. It’s obvious that I suffer from a problem that might turn out to be something more. I don’t quite recognize exactly what degree this predicament is really at, if it might be thought of as bad as the illegal substance addicts that live on the streets trading drugs, but I understand i actually suffer from a problem that I am never going to be actually able to get over with out expert help.

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