The Impact of Substance Abuse on Federal, State, and Local Budgets

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As the Administration and the Congress consider health care reform and work to expand access to the 45 million Americans without coverage, it is worth noting that the largest amount of federal and state spending on the burden of substance abuse and addiction–$207.2 billion, or 58 percentwas for health care, and that health care is 74.1 percent of the federal shoveling up burden. With health care costs by far the biggest cost of shoveling up, for the Administration and Congress to attempt healt

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Jodie Sweetin Tell-All UnSweetined Coming to a Bookstore Near You

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0May 28th, 2009 by WendyTagged as: Full House Full House child star Jodie Sweetin is sharing her life story in a new tell-all book titled UnSweetined. In the autobiography, Sweetin dishes on her addictions to alcohol, meth, cocaine and ecstasy.Sweetin describes her downward spirla as spinning a web of lies – she was secretly doing drugs while giving anti-drug speeches at colleges! Jodi Sweetin cleaned up her act when she found out she was pregnant.What’s Hot at PopCrunch? 0 Comment

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Everyone aged 55 and over should be taking

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Everyone aged 55 and over should be taking drugs to lower their blood pressure, a London-based expert says.Epidemiology expert Professor Malcolm Law said blood pressure drugs cut the risk of heart attack and stroke even for those with normal blood pressure. His conclusion, published in the British Medical Journal and backed by other experts, is based on a review of 147 studies, involving 464,000 people. However, the Stroke Association warned the drugs could have side-effects. “Beyond a certain

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