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The Advantages of Family Programs

If you take a glance into the dictionary, under the letter “F” and find the word family, you will most likely encounter a meaning similar to this: “a group of individuals living under one roof or one head”. One can define the word family in numerous ways but there is no doubt that it is in one’s own family that one can find the immediate support and the love without the added hesitations. Moreover, a family still has a lot to offer.

Currently, when we take a closer to what is happening in our society, we will come face to face with too much negativity. Negativity in the forms of individuals commending crimes and what not. This would direct us to ask on why is this happening. Is this the consequence of the said slow disintegration of the family?

The family is the first set of group an individual faces. This is the place one obtains the set of values and behaviors important to the individual. Once the individual sets to the world, he or she will be using these values and behaviors in getting through his or her way. Whatever the individual experiences will be imitated upon his actions on the world. It is safe to say that when one shows negative actions, it is a reflection from the kind of family he owns. The many changes of family life have leaded us to the life we are living right now.

According to the recent statistics, many different psychological disorders have been appearing and causing numerous problems. According to the family systems theories, a family has its own rules that govern their attitudes and behaviors. This is a kind of theory that takes a look into the multifaceted system of the family that works for balance maintenance. With this, we can say that one of the most vital factors in developing abnormal behavior is the family.

When one is faced with the dilemma of abnormal behavior, how does one solve it? When we take note of the family system theories, the answer lies in the different family programs offered by specialists. Of the different family programs, one of the very successful is the family systems therapy. Family systems therapy root it’s faith on the idea that a psychological disorder within a member of the family is created by the dysfunctional family system. Thus, its way of treatment is to dispute the existing dysfunctional dynamics and the changing of this dysfunctional dynamics to a more adaptive one. The therapist should be responsible to help families strengthen the significance of family values. One way of treatment is by reinforcement. Reinforcement is by showing approval of the good behaviors being shown by the family member while discouraging negative behaviors. There should always be an involvement from the family because family dynamics can always support children’s disorder.

However, family programs can be dependent upon the culture where one belongs. It is most helpful in a culture where family orientation is highly valued. Examples of countries containing this kind of culture are Native American, Hispanic, African, and Asian American cultures. One should just find something suitable to fit his or her kind of needs.

Family programs is very helpful in cultures that has high family orientation.

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