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Drinks that comprises ethanol is known to us as an alcoholic drink. Alcohol depresses the central nervous system and is known to reduce pain, relieves stress, anxiety and fear. In every occasion and gatherings, it would not be complete without the presence of alcoholic drinks. A certain study has found out that there seven out of every refrigerator contains alcoholic drinks. Alcohols are categorized in three groups: beers, wines and spirits. In small amounts, it gives temporary sense of confidence, courage, calmness and heightened self-esteem. In large dosage, it impairs judgment, slows bodily coordination, causes nausea and vertigo. When people are under the influence of alcohol, there are things that they might do that they won’t do under normal conditions.

There have already been a lot of arrests due to alcoholic drinks. It is a crime when driving while under the influence of alcohol as this numbs the nerves that give signals to the brain which results to slowing the reaction time and impairing one’s judgment. A lot of domestic violence and abuse can be also blamed to uncontrolled alcohol consumption. Even thefts, burglaries, vandalizing, damaging public properties and some others are blamed on alcohol consumptions.

The state of being slaved physically, psychologically and mentally enslaved to a substance is known as addiction. The absence of the substance would then be blamed for . Despite the obvious negative effect to health and relationships, alcohol addiction would still make an individual to have the compulsive attitude to drink alcohol at heavy doses.

One’s genes has been blamed to cause alcohol addiction. People who are genetically born to have high tolerance to alcohols can take more shots than those who are not. Individuals who have the high probability to get into alcohol addiction are those who have cases of alcohol addiction in their family.

The reason on what makes people to drink more alcohol than they can bear has not been found out yet. Some says, it just a matter of self-discipline, the act of ending the taking in of alcohol when you’re just about to get tipsy. There are people who drink for fun. There are also people who drink during special occasions to mingle with colleagues, friends and families.

There is a difficulty on knowing if people are just drinking for fun or drinking and slowly becoming alcohol dependent because drinking alcohol has become mundane. If we look deeper, we’ll probably find more profound reasons as to why people get addicted to alcohols. In most cases, people who get addicted to alcohols are those who have unsettled issues or those who are mentally and psychologically stressed to keep up with life’s fast-paced hurdles. Individuals who lack confidence and fail on some aspects of their lives.

Alcoholic dependents can be as young as twelve year old to a hundred year old. This is because alcohol, are readily available and has lousy restrictions. These people can be one of your classmates in school, one of your colleagues at work, one of your teammates in baseball or one of your family members.

Discrimination should never be present if you chance upon people who are into alcohol addiction. Help and understanding should rather be present. Understanding and accepting that someone is alcohol dependent is the first step to a successful recovery and treatment. And just like any other kinds of addiction, alcohol addiction is definitely curable. There are already a lot of alcohol rehabilitation Centers available which caters and helps people recover from their alcohol dependency.

Alcohol addiction makes an individual to have the compulsive attitude to drink alcohol at heavy doses.

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