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Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research has shown that there’s a primary link between eating disorders along with abusing drugs. These reports also reveal that those people struggling with critical scenarios involving eating disorders also can resort to drug addiction to assist maintain their particular eating disorders. As an example, consider an anorexic woman that’s fighting image issues. Consuming stimulant drugs including cocaine will assist to keep the woman’s fat off due to the fact one of the side-effects associated with cocaine is losing weight.

For the reason that eating disorders are a psychological ailment, those that are afflicted with eating disorders and drug addictions have to be dealt with for the two conditions all at once. There isn’t any certain routine when it comes to the particular diseases plus future harmful addictions. The actual craving could be a response to the particular dysfunction or vice versa. It is actually up to a specialist to pick out the very best course of action for a person with co-occurring issues. Managing the two conditions all at once is known as dual diagnosis.

Nevertheless, it’s not uncommon for psychiatrists to overlook the partnership relating to the eating disorder in addition to drug use. In case the relationship isn’t diagnosed, the individual will likely be treated for just one problem however, not one other. When this predicament takes place, it is very feasible for the person to relapse after treatment for just one problem ends. Fortunately, a lot more knowledge is now being unveiled in the general public regarding the hazards of eating disorders as well as the destructive addictions that will follow due to this fact. However, assuming that the media portrays attractiveness to be at the very least 5’7 and fewer than one hundred fifteen pounds, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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