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SMAST: Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test

SMAST is usually a good abbreviation meant for Short Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test. The exam is identified as a single doable way of detecting a prospective alcohol challenge. The test consists of a series of questions relating to the lifestyle of the person who drinks. Produced to be taken by the drinker, the test guides questions in a yes or no format. With respect to the responses that happen to be provided by the taker, a rating is assessed at the end of the exam. Any score of 0-2 means that no troubles are found, a score of 3 suggests that a few challenges might really exist and a rating of 4 or higher reveals signs of severe alcohol problems.

The test is obtainable and can be obtained at nearby treatment services as well as on-line. A fairly easy search on the internet should deliver multiple variations of the test. Be truthful with your replies otherwise you will not get an correct review. Once you’ve responded to the yes or no questions, a rating technique is available after the exam to help you identify your amount of threat.

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